Friday, September 30, 2011

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. (9/26/11)

What a crazy week... Let me tell you about it.  It starts back on Monday with Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. at the Grog Shop.  Opening was Gossip Culture, a local band that have a great rhythm and beat, though they seriously lack on the vocals.  I've said this before, and was hoping they might've improved... not yet, but if they square that away, these guys have a kick-ass sound.  Next, Jr. Jr. rolls out with their big wood / light boxes that spell out... J R J R.  I knew right away this could be fun.  It was just about 10 seconds after that I realized my camera battery didn't quite make the trip (fahk).  So this is going to be an iPhone only show.

These Detroit boys were a lot of fun... Good spirits for a small, but still a spirited crowd.  They really tried to heal the Ohio/Michigan wounds this night. They sounded good, and the occasional swing from the rafters, a few blasts of light from the boxes, and a Neil Diamond cover really let me know that these guys can bring a party.

It was fun, but it epic party it wasn't.  It was a Monday after all, and it is a Corporate World:

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