Tuesday, March 26, 2019

times10 (3/22/19)

I’ve been seeing things here and there about times10, an avant-garde electronic local band helmed by Dylan Glover, who’s also in another local band, ITEM (you’ll also find him booking shows for Mahall’s).  I’ve been interested in their sound and was excited to finally catch them at Mahalls.  (I should note that the headliners for this show was actually Royal Beasts, but there were other plans later this night).  

I’m not going to attempt to describe the music, as I know I couldn't do it justice - but they themselves say they're "a 4-piece electronic band from Cleveland, OH whose forays into evolving, textural ambient music is paired with a collective obsession with percussion and groove, and at times, the overwhelming density that results.”  Bam.

The stage show was amazing, and was really my first time seeing an interactive light show you could engage with on your phone.  I was a little too engaged with the music to participate in those shenanigans, but I get it.   The music, the lights, everything was on point.  I hope to catch these guys again soon.

Times10  3 22 19

Times10  3 22 19

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