Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Sean McConnell (3/21/19)

Straight up Country music doesn’t often draw me out to a live show, though I guess there are a lot of options for it in my circles. I liked what I was hearing with Sean McConnell.  A straight-up country singer/songwriter from Nashville, being performed in the Beachland Tavern, was a pretty easy yes.  However, the bonus here was the introduction of the opener Caleb Elliott, hailing from Louisiana.  

While Caleb’s album is flush with full instrumentation, his skill as a songwriter (and just being a lovely human being) really shined during his opening set.  His sound is a little more smoothed out, calling himself a “rhythm and strings guy".  His show was a real treat, and I’m really looking for a full band headline show from him, hopefully in the near future.

Caleb Elliott  3 21 19

Sean McConnell took the stage - with Caleb Elliott on guitar.  I found out that Sean McConnell actually recorded all the instruments on his latest album himself, except for Cello which Caleb played.  Sean’s polished with a great sound and solid production.  Very satisfying.  

Sean McConnell  3 21 19

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