Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Aurora (3/7/19)

I was lucky enough to have friends in Brooklyn (Williamsburg) who allowed me to crash during trip to NYC to see Robyn.  This allowed me to extend the weekend, starting on Thursday night.  I found the local Brooklyn Steel venue was hosting Nordic artist Aurora.  I’d had her music and was enjoying it - and it seemed like a perfect way to kick off a great NYC weekend.  It’s hard to not pull out the Bjork parallels, but she definitely put on her own delightfully weird pop show.

Aurora  3 7 19

Aurora  3 7 19

Opening for her was Talos, a grandiose pop band from Ireland.

Talos  3 7 19

Opening the entire show was Sean McVerry, who was also Aurora’s piano player.

Sean McVerry  3 7 19

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