Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Better Oblivion Community Center (3/25/19)

I was able to catch seeing Better Oblivion Community Center at the Agora after having immediately sold out at the Beachland Ballroom.  However I thought the Agora show was sold out, as the FB event stated, but it clearly was not.  Kind of disappointing if some fans stayed away thinking there were no tickets left.

As for the show, i’m a huge Phoebe Bridgers fan, and have always appreciated Conor Oberst.  As the show neared, I really dug into the album and started liking it more (despite their atrocious band name).  The live show wasn’t as good as I was hoping - and I’ll attribute it to my perception of the performer’s interactions.  Conor seemed oddly boisterous and Phoebe didn’t seem to be engaging with it.  There were some other hints (Conor stating he’s alienated all his friends?) - but I’m ultimately speculating.  Still, I would have rather just seen a Phoebe Bridgers performance.

Better Oblivion Community Center  3 25 19

Luckily Lala Lala was opening!  Their last show at Mahall’s was great, and I was happy to see them again.  It turns out that the lead singer of Lala Lala and Phoebe Bridgers went to High School together!  Anyway - I captured much more of their set, which may be an indication of how much more I preferred it.

Lala Lala  3 25 19

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