Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Article: Folk Alley Joins the FreshGrass Foundation

FolkAlley.com has a pretty special place in my heart, as it served as the basis for my Masters project in Grad School at Kent State.  It’s an incredible resource and I’m glad to see it remaining vibrant.

"Today, the FreshGrass Foundation announces the addition of Folk Alley to its community of roots music organizations. The Foundation, which began in 2017 aims to preserve, support, and create innovative grassroots music, and actualizes this mission by producing the annual FreshGrass Festival, publishing No Depression, and offering a range of financial commissions and awards. By welcoming Folk Alley into this family of independent roots music entities, the FreshGrass Foundation will continue to fulfill its mission through yet another means — digital folk music discovery, streaming, and distribution."

(Via Folk Alley | Folk Alley Joins the FreshGrass Foundation.)

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