Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Elise Davis (2/21/19)

I couldn’t have told you how I ran across Elise Davis, but have really been enjoying her most recent album.  Once I got to the show, I remembered.  My friend Jeff, who also hosts house concerts (and drag house performances!), was there.  He’s hosted her before, and was actually hosting the band overnight on their trip!  It all came together, and had me even more excited to see this performance.  Elise, and her all male band packed the small stage. They brought a powerful, yet subtle performance.  Beautiful voice and great songwriting accompanied by the pedal steel guitar!

Elise Davis  2 21 19

Elise Davis  2 21 19

Opening was our own Sarah Arafat.  A unique voice, a great songwriter, and some swag (watch for the cover/mash-up in the video).  

Sarah Arafat  2 21 19

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