Sunday, November 10, 2013

Mike Mangione / Carlos Jones (10/27/13)

I *really* wanted to go see Jacco Gardner again on this same night at the Happy Dog - but I just *knew* it would be too late of a show for a Sunday night.  I was right - he didn’t get on stage until after MIDNIGHT.  WTF…  

I digress… instead, we had an amazing night at the Barking Spider Tavern!  Got there for the early show to see Mike Mangione.  I saw him back in 2011 at Wilberts, which was a fun show.  I was excited to see what he’d do at the Spider.  It ended up being a solo show with us and his kids.  :-)  He’s definitely talented (and has some cute kids).  

Mike Mangione (10/27/13)

Luckily people started rolling in later, which as it turns out was for Carlos Jones & the PLUS band - and ended up with a FULL HOUSE.  I hadn’t even looked as to who was going to be on next.  While I see their name all the time playing in the area - I’ve *never* seen them.  So glad that was rectified because the vibe in the Tavern for Carlos was ah-mazing.  All kinds of people, all kinds of dancing.  It was a little bit of magic - reggae style.

Carlos Jones and the Plus Band (10/27/13)

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