Saturday, November 16, 2013

Dr. Dog / Fly Golden Eagle (11/11/13)

When checking out this show, I think I spent more time checking out the opener, Fly Golden Eagle than I spent with the new Dr. Dog album.  Both are great, but I was finding myself thrilled with Fly Golden Eagle’s sound. Live, they were just as good with this great psychedelic 60’s rock sound to them.  I was hoping to score some vinyl from them, but all I got was a CDR burn of their album for $8.  I’ll take it.

Fly Golden Eagle (11/11/13)

I guess I wasn’t expecting to have Dr. Dog draw that much of a crowd… the show had to be sold out.  For good reason, these guys are just great.  But as much as I like their music, there’s something about a packed-house full of people that keeps me from truly enjoying the show.  I would have loved to catch these guys a couple years ago…  If you can stand a crowd, I’d still recommend you see them live.

Dr. Dog (11/11/13)

Dr. Dog (11/11/13)

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