Saturday, November 16, 2013

Ivan & Aloysha (11/14/13)

Ivan & Aloysha had 2 openers, with neither of them being a local band (check out videos from all of the bands).  The first opener, The Falls are from Sydney Australia and the woman was incredibly sweet and sincere - which really endeared me to them.  A little slow of a start, but I was thoroughly enjoying them by the end of their set. 

The Falls (11/14/13)

It’s not unusual for the crowd to hang towards the back for the first act… that didn’t change for when Matrimony took the stage.  The second boy/girl duo of the night, he admitted his wife had… bronchitis? so he would be singing with a friend instead (assuming he’s usually part of the band).  The two of them were *awesome*, and quite cute!  I think they should ditch the wife and go on as a duo!  ;-)  Some mad guitar and banjo skills there.

Matrimony (11/14/13)

Finally Ivan & Aloysha took the stage, and the crowd continued to hang back.  Usually by this point in the night, one of the bands awkwardly asks the audience to move up and they usually do this night.  Ivan & Aloysha cleared out the stage, and for good reason - those boys owned that stage, aggressively going through their highly energetic set.  Their enthusiasm was a little hokey at times, but they sounded great.  Oddly, the crowd could’t have been more sedate.  There wasn’t even an attempt at an encore.  Fail Cleveland.

Ivan & Aloysha (11/14/13)

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