Sunday, November 17, 2013

David Dondero (11/16/13)

A surprise (to me) performance by David Dondero at Mahall’s 20 Lanes last night.  I need to start watching that venue’s concert list better… I wish they had a mailing list or RSS Feed or something.  Luckily my Saturday night was free, so I made a night out of getting there early to try out their food / bar service before going over to the show - which I highly recommend doing (especially the bar chips!).

Opening was Tiger and Boy, a local boy/girl folk duo (these are getting popular).  They were trying out some new stuff and had some stumbles, but for the most part they sounded pretty good! They performed some great covers of Iron & Wine and Tegan and Sara.

Tiger and Boy (11/16/13)

Nicky English was up next and was highly recommend by kingofthecastle7. He was a little hokey on stage, but sounded great.  I’m not sure what that electric, steel, acoustic guitar thing was - was when paired with a bass and a violin - produced a great blend of throwback pop/rock with some folk elements.

Nicky English (11/16/13)

The audience was a little light on this Saturday night (maybe that mailing list or RSS feed would help!) :-) but David Donder wasn’t going to bother taking a big empty stage.  As I was sitting there playing on my phone waiting for him to begin - I start to notice music coming from the back of the room.  I thought it was just some people playing around, but then realized he was just set up in back performing behind a covered up pool table.  Once we got rid of the group of loud-talking people who couldn’t comprehend that the show was moved back by them - it was a GREAT move.  No amplification, just a charming David Dondero playing for us and telling us stories.  I continue to be captivated by his songwriting.

David Dondero (11/16/13)

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