Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Get On UP / kallocain (11/22/13)

I can’t imagine a more disparate night of musical experiences - so I’m purposely grouping them.  In looking for something to do Friday night, I stumbled up on this DJ event over on the West Side called kallocain.  Knowing that was going to start late, we decided to meet some friends over at Brothers Lounge to catch Get on UP who “is Akron’s new Funk Authority playing all 70’s and 80’s funk covers."  It was… interesting.  I was reminded who cool of a venue that Brothers Lounge can be - and I was surprised at how full it was for this band!  If only the Beachland could get crowds like this for some of their amazing, original music.

Get On UP (11/22/13)

Next we headed over to the DJ event.  Here’s the lineup for this “night of dystopian sound + vision” - which was presented by the Bent Crayon:

regis - downwards - uk veronica vasicka - minimal wave - nyc talker/stave - downwards/fss - chi prostitutes - mira/diagonal - cle visuals: jeremy bible - experimedia

I have no idea which DJ’s we saw - but I can say it was an awesome night of non-stop dancing on some west side warehouse / studio.

kallocain (11/22/13)

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