Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer Solstice (6/19/10)

A party it was... I had been throwing around the phrase "party of the year" and maybe it was, maybe it wasn't... I do know you couldn't have asked for a better night to be hanging out in front of the Cleveland Museum of Art and having a drink with Rodin's Thinker.  Everyone was there.  Great Lakes was being served...  nearly perfect.  Nearly.

Summer Solstice Party (6/19/10)

I was sure to get there as soon as our 10pm tickets allowed, because I didn't want to miss Javelin.  Wow, they were FUN, FUN FUN.  Even better than I expected.  Ultimately a great mix of what I would call "glitch pop" with a great, danceable beat.  What was even better was how they handled the menacing (inebriated?) twin teen boys who they invited on stage - who then later brought up another set of twin ladies and another random person.  I felt like the last 20 mins of the show was on the brink of disaster, which never ended up happening.  I think that being on that brink made the show even better.  Hell, maybe that's how every show is for them.  If so - bravo.

Javelin (6/19/10)

I socialized during the Phenomenal Handclap Band, but was ready to dance my ass of with DJ Rupture, who I had been talking up to EVERYBODY.  Unfortunately this was where the night fell a little short.  The music and the mix was great, but it wasn't quite the dance jam I experienced at Pitchfork.  Maybe it was intentional, but I was a little disappointed.

DJ Rupture (6/19/10)

Overall - the time flew!  I felt like were only there for about an hour... we barely made it inside to see the art, but I guess that can happen anytime.  Hopefully I'll be getting an earlier ticket for next year.

BONUS: Javelin is coming to the Grog Shop on Tuesday, August 8th!! Here's a video of what you can expect (but there's so much more)...

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