Monday, June 28, 2010

Skybox (6/22/10)

I guess this blog post was supposed to have been named "Gold Motel (6/22/10)", since they were the headliners, or so I thought. There were actually 4 bands this evening, which I typically dread.  With Skybox opening for Gold Motel, I was hoping to catch their set, then a bit of Gold Motel before leaving at a reasonable time (I mean early).

Goodmorning Valentine followed Nights (meh).  They were goodasalways.

Good Morning Valentine (6/22/10)

Gold Motel was a lot of fun, but I can imagine their set being much better if they had their missing drummer.  But they get cool points for going on without one.  Maybe that's why Skybox took the final performance of the night, and I'm glad they did.

Gold Motel (6/22/10)

Skybox was awesome.  These guys took the stage with a playful, barefooted ferocity.  Not much like the polished songs I checked out on their MySpace page, but equally, if not not more entertaining.  These guys were genuinely having a good time, despite the crowd lacking enthusiasm (except for our small dedicated bunch up front).  One song after another kept me mesmerized and I didn't even have to think twice about staying for an entire performance that I was earlier hoping to avoid.  SEE THESE GUYS.

Skybox (6/22/10)

(unfortunately the camera was dead, so these are all phone pics)

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