Friday, June 18, 2010

Pittsburgh Pride (6/12 & 6/13)

I think about this blog a lot, even though it doesn't seem like it sometimes.  I mostly think about what it could be if I had all the time I wanted, but I'm also quite pleased with what it's become.  Somewhere in the middle is what I hope it will be.  One such thought is writing about all music-related experiences, good or bad.  For example... We went to Pittsburgh Pride last weekend with some friends, and who is the Saturday headliner?  Deborah Cox.  Remember her?

Damn that was a good song, back in the day.  Pride performances are always a little strange to me.  It's not quite a full concert, and people aren't quite there for the live music - but yet people get on stage and perform.  I then found myself wondering why she was here performing... is it her passion for equality and equal rights -- does she just love performing -- or maybe she needs just the $.  I have to say, I tended towards the latter, as her performance was minimal, orchestrated, and kinda insincere.  I can be wrong, and I hope I am.  To be honest, I wasn't paying *that* much attention... there were more interesting things going on.

Here are some random photos for your viewing pleasure... Deborah Cox is first, not sure who these other performers are, but they weren't bad.

Pittsburgh Pride (2010)
Pittsburgh Pride (2010)
Pittsburgh Pride (2010)

Stay tuned... Cleveland Pride is next weekend!

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