Monday, June 7, 2010

New AT&T Data Limits

The big news announced this past week for iPhone users. While you may initially be happy with a small savings - this is really AT&T making an early change to bring in more money later on.  Imagine what internet related things you could be doing on your phones/tablets/whatever in 2+ years.  That's when AT&T's small "offering" of $15/mo savings will really start to cost you.

They may even cost the music industry and it's innovation, even more.

New AT&T Data Limits Bad News For Music Tech - hypebot


"(UPDATED) AT&T is replacing its $29.99 per moth unlimited data plan, popular with iPhone and iPad users, with $15 (200MB) and $25 (2G) plans. While a reported 95% of mobile users do not currently exceed the 2G limit, increased use of new video and music in the cloud applications could lead to additional charges.

Unlimited mobile data has long been considered an unsustainable model by some analysts, and it is believed that other cell services will also set limits. That's not good news for a growing list of companies delivering data heavy music services like downloads and video or music streaming to smartphones."

(Continued... New AT&T Data Limits Bad News For Music Tech - hypebot)


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