Wednesday, June 30, 2010

MOG iPhone App Coming

Finding reasonable online music services is tough...  To start, there's the whole ownership vs. subscription model, where you either pay for and download (own) the digital music, or you just pay a fee to access a bunch of music (rent).  I'definitely prefer ownership models (a proud eMusic subscriber), though I think some may be a bit pricey (I'm looking at you iTunes).  On the other side, I vehemently oppose subscription services (in lieu of ownership).  I think it's just a way for these labels to separate you from your money, with nothing to show for it.  One day that subscription service will disappear, or some terms will change, and you're left with a bigger monthly bill or nothing.

I say "in lieu of ownership" because subscription services don't have to be *all* bad.  I do think there's a market for them, when the price point is reasonable and can be used in conjunction with ownership.  For example, I really liked the Lala model (before Apple purchased and dissolved them).  Similarly, I like this MOG model, where I can pay $25 for unlimited access to TONS of music for 6 months.  I purchased it as a trial, but realized it's not really that useful unless you have access while on the go.  Sitting at my computer, I'm not often streaming music online, but when I'm out and about, I'd love to have access.  I heard that an App was in the works, now I'm glad to see it's been approved!


MOG Gets Green Light From Apple For Upcoming iPhone App, Lands Deal With Roku by Jason Kincaid on Jun 29, 2010

Good news, MOG fans. The online music streaming service, which allows users to listen to as many songs as they want for a flat monthly fee, has had its iPhone application approved by Apple after spending well over a month in App Store purgatory. The application isn’t available for the iPhone quite yet (MOG says it will launch in the next few weeks), but it’s been given the green light by Apple, which is important considering that the company was worried it might be blocked. In addition to that news, MOG has also announced a new "

(Continued... MOG Gets Green Light From Apple For Upcoming iPhone App, Lands Deal With Roku)

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