Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Golden Filter (6/10/10)

Some might have called it a gamble to skip the (sold-out) She & Him show at the House of Blues for this show at the Grog.  It wasn't for me, and I'm glad my choice was vindicated.  Wow.  I have not see a show like this in a loooong time.  We danced, and danced, and danced.

I checked out the openers, The Hundred in the Hands, before the show and liked what I heard.  I knew I wanted to get there early enough to catch them, and pushing to be on time was worth it. I think they tied for one of the best opening bands ever.  This Brooklyn duo could really lay down the electro pop/dance beats!  You can listen to them on their MySpace page, but that doesn't even do justice to what they did on stage.  See them!  (here's a little sample):

So The Golden Filter had pretty big shoes to fill, and I think they did.  They were one of my highlighted shows in my June Spangle article, with a couple great videos posted there, check 'em out.  They proved why they were a highlighted performance!

Their new album, Voluspa, is out now.  Order it at Insound, or listen to the whole thing at AOL.  Here's a worthy description...

After a string of widely-circulated singles and remixes, New York duo The Golden Filter is releasing their debut full-length Voluspa this week. The self-produced Voluspa casts glimpses into their unearthly world where goddesses, love, myths and mountains reign.  With drum circles, string sections, field recordings, and lots of microphones, they've gone beyond disco to unveil where their secrets are shared and where their mystery dissolves.

The Golden Filter (6/10/10)
The Golden Filter (6/10/10)

While you're at it, pick up The Hundred in the Hands EP too...


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