Thursday, June 10, 2010

Stars (6/8/10)

This show potentially kicks off a 6 night (7 show) straight marathon of shows here in Cleveland (check the calendar).  But realizing that I also have a full-time job, that probably isn't going to happen and some of these shows will have to be cut from the roster.  That wasn't going to happen on this first night.  Stars is a very popular Canadian band (proudly from Montreal), and seem to have a ton of material out there.  I can't say that I'm a huge fan, but some of their songs are phenomenal.

I had seen them before which unfortunately wasn't a great performance, but that was for multiple reasons.  I was excited to give them another chance, despite only hearing one song off the new album (The Five Ghosts - June 22).  Their schtick: performing the entire new album first, then performing their "hits" for the second part.  We arrived in the middle of the first album and they sounded great.

Stars (6/8/10)

They were high energy and worked their asses off.  The female lead has a phenomenal voice and she makes the band.  What took away from the show for me was their constant reminder that the songs they played were "our" songs because we voted for them.  They were what I'm considering a full-time professional band, workin' hard and trying some new things to keep it fresh - but as soon as a band is trying to keep it fresh, that's when I lose interest.  Not a bad thing, but a kind of personal preference. Again, nothing specific that they did wrong per se.  I just think I've seen them enough.  :-)

Stars (6/8/10)

I'm bummed that I missed some of the first half, and I'm still excited to pick up the new album.

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