Thursday, March 12, 2020

Tomorrow: Caroline Rose @ Beachland Ballroom

I first caught wind of Caroline Rose from the 2018 Nelsonville Festival.  She’s now touring on an excellent new album called Superstar, and will be making a stop by the Beachland Ballroom tomorrow! This should be an excellent show!

She also had a great interview with NPR recently, which I would recommend.

"As the somewhat self-reflective title and story of her album implies, Rose is also interested in poking fun at the idea of fame and stardom. The music video for her single 'Feel The Way I Want' features Rose as the album's main character, prepped and ready for an audition in Los Angeles — only to find out that it's actually scheduled in Hollywood, Fla., not Hollywood, Calif."

(Via Interview: Caroline Rose On 'Superstar,' Tom Waits And Quitting Music : NPR.)

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