Thursday, March 26, 2020

The Get Down (3/20/20)

Last Friday, I participated in a streaming dance party hosted by DJ Tasha Blank.  This is a party that is usually hosted at The Get Down in NYC, and is pretty popular on SoundCloud as well.  A friend pointed me to this now happening via Zoom, so I threw in a couple bucks and signed up!   I’m so glad I did.  Tasha is known for having these moments where she pauses the music and has moments of reflection and liberation, encouraging everyone to just dance it out.  That message couldn’t have been more needed.

Sure it was a little strange dancing by yourself in the living room, especially if you’re also trying to flip through the videos of over 400 people who also attended!  It was fascinating to see the environments that everyone was in - and just about everyone was dancing!  Some shots of what I saw...


By the way, the next party is this Friday!  From Tasha’s most recent email:

people of planet earth!
We are born to move.
We are built to run around, sweat, scream, hug, get loose, get messy, get outside.

These times are weird AF.
They require quick adaptation to massive change.
They demand deep presence, clear thinking, and huge courage.
These times require furious dancing. 

In less than a week, our long-distance dances have become the soul-saving magicsaucethat revives our heads + hearts.

Over 1000 of you have joined us on the virtual dance floor so far — 
and we do it again tomorrow at 6pm EST!

Wherever you're at,
we will dance it out.

Dress up
Wear pajamas
Break out the spandex
Pretend it's 80s night
Turn off your video + get nekkid!

Just. Come. Dance.

Join us here.

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