Monday, March 9, 2020

Article: The Place Where Bone Thugs-n-Harmony Got Their Start

I’ve been reading Architectural Afterlife for a long time now.  I have my own skepticism when it comes to ruin-porn, but Johnny Joo does an excellent job in writing up detailed histories of the places he’s shooting.  I was particularly engaged on this post:


"Henderson had gone from selling LPs out of the trunk of his car in 1973 to owning 4 record stores in the 90s. He would help aspiring artists not only through mentoring, but helping them record albums or demos. He would also sell their music and promote it within these shops. Henderson has been noted as one of the main driving forces that led to Cleveland becoming one of the top three markets for rap and hip-hop between the 1990s and early 2000s. He has been referred to by many as the ‘kingpin of Cleveland hip-hop.’ Henderson worked with and promoted numerous other artists, including Dre Bone, Big Gank, Mr. Money Loc, Romey Rome, Big Ren and others. abandoned stoney burke dolls rapid creations dre bone abandoned stoney burke dolls rapid creations bone enterprise abandoned stoney burke dolls rapid creations mr money loc abandoned stoney burke dolls rapid creations big gank

Shortly after the release of their first studio album, Bone Thugs had decided to change their name to B.O.N.E. Within the year after the release of this album, they boarded a Greyhound to Los Angeles in hopes to showcase their music to their childhood idol, Eazy-E (Eric Wright) – N.W.A. founder and owner of Ruthless Records. They made calls to Ruthless Records every day, hoping to reach E. After spending nearly 3 months in Los Angeles, they had received a call back from Eazy-E himself, and had the opportunity to rap for him over the phone. Bizzy handed the phone over to Krayzie. After he said his rap, he handed the phone back to Bizzy, who then said his rap, and Eazy-E was blown away. After that, he asked where they were based out of, and upon learning that they were from Cleveland, had mentioned he had a show in Cleveland in just two weeks. Now the group had to make it back from Los Angeles to Cleveland to meet Eazy-E."

(Via The Place Where Bone Thugs-n-Harmony Got Their Start - Architectural Afterlife.)

ps. Check out his new book, and other stuff, here!

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