Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Ekali (3/6/20)

I’m in Pittsburgh for the Code4Lib conference and arrived early to hang with friends earlier weekend.  I realized that while I’d be missing seeing Bear Hands back in Cleveland, they were actually going to be in Pittsburgh during my visit! Shortly after that realization, I noticed the Ekali show at The Rex Theater.  I really struggled deciding between the two, both having equal capacity for fun or flop.  Being that I would be taking the bus, I decided to let the neighborhoods be the deciding factor. I chose the older, cooler South Side of Pittsburgh - than the corporate environment around Stage AE.

Ekali's recorded album seemed to have a nice blend of traditional dance/pop with some elements of trap music folded in.  I’m not a fan of trap, but I can be pretty open minded to any kind of dance music.  Juelz and William Black opened.  Once they began, it was clear that this was a full-on trap/bass show.  The nuance of trap music is lost on me, and I have a hard time being able to distinguish between the DJs aesthetic. I guess I would summarize the night’s sound as clips of pop songs mixed in with DEEP bass clashes, while throwing in an occasional mosh pit.  This was not an environment (for me) to dance - but it definitely worked for the crowd there.  However, the visuals & lighting were on point!

Juelz  3 6 20

William Black  3 6 20


Juelz  3 6 20

Ekali  3 6 20

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