Tuesday, March 10, 2020

The Brook & The Bluff (3/3/20)

I stumbled upon this show at the Beachland for The Brook & Bluff.  I was free, and an intimate Tuesday night show in the Tavern seemed like a great idea. It was a little disappointing when we discovered they had moved this show into the Ballroom - but only for a minute. The Brook & The Bluff is a Birmingham-born, Nashville-based band who’s sound was a really interesting take on light jam pop.  Very smooth and uplifting, similar to Josh Rouse.  Their “round the microphone” segment, harkening back to their origins as an acoustic street duo, was quite charming.  Thoroughly enjoyed both their album and live show!
The Brook  The Bluff  3 3 20
The Brook  The Bluff  3 3 20
This was my second time seeing Doc Robinson opening for someone in the Ballroom.  They’re good, but I’d still like to see them again in a more intimate space.
Doc Robinson  3 3 20

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