Monday, March 9, 2020

Annie Hart (2/27/20)

It wasn’t until I started digging into Annie Hart’s career, post Au Revoir Simone, that I then realized how long it’s been since they (Au Revoir Simone) released an album (2014!) - and even more shocking that the last album I listened to was from 2008!  So I have some catching up to do there, but these great Annie Hart albums that have come out since.  Annie’s released two, the first one a little electronic / pop, and the more recent one is much more chill - both great.

I was surprised (and thrilled as usual) that she would be performing at Now That’s Class.   This snowy Thursday night didn’t hail a robust crowd, but that didn’t phase Annie who had a great solo show, on a stage that both contrasted & aligned with her ethos. 

Annie Hart  2 27 20

Key to the Mint opened the show with their reliably enjoyable brand of a brooding post-punk music.

Key to the Mint  2 27 20

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