Monday, January 21, 2019

Vacationer (1/19/19)

I wasn’t even sure if this show was going to happen.  We were right in the middle of a major winter storm warning and snow had been blowing all day.  I opted for a walking / busing adventure to the Grog Shop instead of driving.  I made a pit stop for dinner, but realized the next bus was going to get me there any quicker than if I walked the rest of the way - so I did.  While there were more people at the Grog Shop than I was expecting, there were way less than there should have been.  Understandable.

Vacationer were the perfect antithesis to what was going on outside, as their name would imply.  While hailing from the East coast, these guys feel like they just stepped off a California beach.  They were charming, fun, and really appreciative we were all there.  These guys have me wishing for Spring, especially as I was about to push back out into the winter weather to get home.

Vacationer  1 19 19

Vacationer  1 19 19

Vacationer  1 19 19

There were 2 openers.  Monster Rally and p.stoops.  Monster Rally was pretty good, but I’m still team p.stoops - who took the stage first.

P stoops  1 19 19

I didn’t catch any video of Monster Rally, but he’s a photo.

Monster Rally  1 19 19

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