Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Lala Lala (1/23/19)

Lala Lala has been making the rounds on the music media lately, and for good reason.  They embody emo indie rock at it’s finest.  Some dense jams, interwoven with bright electric guitar/bass lines.  I understand they’re a fixture of the Chicago music scene, and they’re lucky to have them - thought I’m sure they’re spending a lot of time on the road these days.  In fact, they’ll be coming back here, opening for Better Oblivion Community Center at the Beachland (3/25)!!  More on that show later.  Check out some stuff below, including the Perfume Genius cover in the video!

Lala Lala  1 23 19

Lala Lala  1 23 19


Sen Morimoto is unique.  He’s one of Lala Lala’s friends from Chicago.  He plays a combo of R&B, rap and some art-jazz using a synth, saxophone and a drummer.  Pretty unique and varied stuff.  Something my more musically intelligent friends would probably understand/appreciate better than I. 

Sen Morimoto  1 23 19

Opening was Port Lucian.  I’d been checking out her stuff before the show and really liked it.  She has a smoky voice, and smoky pop sound really.  I was surprised it was just her on stage. She presented some great guitar work.

Port Lucian  1 23 19

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