Friday, January 18, 2019

Tomorrow: Vacationer @ Grog Shop

I’m not sure how this show on my radar, but I’ve been enjoying what I’ve been hearing by Vacationer.  Check out their description on AllMusic:

"Vacationer blends the escapist dream pop of Beach House with the quasi-mystical electropop of Animal Collective. Rhythmic, heady, and hypnotic yet peppered with heartfelt lyrics and genuine emotion, Vacationer released its debut EP in 2011, followed by the full-length Gone in 2012; both were put out by Downtown Records. In 2018, they delivered their third studio album, the Daniel Schlett-produced Mindset."

(Via Vacationer | Biography & History | AllMusic.)


That sounds about right.  Opening are our own p.stoops and Monster Rally - though MR looks like they’re out of California these days.  "Monster Rally is the project of Ted Feighan who crafts tracks from his record collection, combining his interests in Hip-hop, Exotica, and Tropicalia.” (via FaceBook) and p.stoops I’ve covered here several times.  

Check out the scenic Vacationer videos below.  Looks like it’s going to be a great party with the snow coming down outside!

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