Monday, January 14, 2019

Cleveland Week:ender (1/12/19)

I have *finally* made it to the Harbor Inn for the Week:ender dance party.  I’m always trying to support any form of dancing in this city, and have been really wanting to make it to this party.   Overall, the music was great, as was the lighting and the dance floor space.  I’m really looking forward to continuing to support it.  However...

The Harbor Inn.  It’s basically known as the hard-core Republican bar. The bartenders continue to wear the shirts they created for the Republican National Convention back in 2016 - as well as sell them.  While that’s their right to do so (though debatably distasteful), it was the continuous rotation of R. Kelly songs on the Jukebox was - as well as the loud comments overheard supporting him - that made me uneasy.  

As a gay man, this was not an environment I felt comfortable in - notably with much more privilege than many others who I’d love to see on that dance floor with me.  Granted, the Week:ender party was a separate party upstairs - in a really cool space that I never knew existed - but still.  Are there no other places that can support the Week:ender where one can feel included and accepted on many levels?  If the Week:ender wants to create a safe and inclusive space, the Harbor Inn is apparently not the place to do it.

Cleveland Week ender  1 12 19

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