Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Friday: Moonbeau @ Mahalls

After what feels like a long stretch from seeing shows, Moonbeau pops up out of nowhere as this fun, Cincinnati-based retro-pop outfit.  They’ll be a perfect fit for Mahalls on Friday night, and cap off what will be an All-Ohio lineup at Mahalls 20 Lanes!

"'Moonbeau’s live appearances have been what has made the band a popular draw in the Cincinnati area and earned it a loyal local following. It’s part dance party, part mood elevator, as the mix of dance beats, the musicians’ joyous performance and the music’s colorful exuberance combine to create the kind of experience that is hard to leave in a bad mood.' - Mike Breen, City Beat"

(Via Moonbeau, Summer School, Jaite | Mahall's 20 Lanes | Music Around Town, On Tour, Rock & Pop | Cleveland Scene.)


Check out this fun studio performance of Lover / Fighter from WCPO, also out of Cincinnati.

The middle band is Summer School out of Toledo, OH. Catch one of his most recent videos…  Should be - interesting.  I can honestly say that I’m cheering on his forthrightness, and I’m hoping it’ll be a good performance. 

As best I can tell, it’s this Jaite who will be opening the show.  I grabbed this EP off Bandcamp and looking forward to seeing how it plays live.

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