Monday, January 21, 2019

The Grovewood Grille / Stella's Music Club (1/18/19)

There’s something appealing about writing about all live music experiences, even if they aren’t planned.  I like the idea of exposing live music performances, in whatever shape or place they happen.  This past Friday night, these performances were pretty varied.  

With no plans of seeing live music, we randomly stumbled on this bar in Parma called The Grovewood Grille.  I was immediately charmed by the layout of the place.  I saw a stage (about to be active), a functional arcade bowling machine, and a boisterous crowd.  Turns out they were about to turn out a Neil Young cover band.  I really wish I would have caught (remembered) the name of the band.  While I didn’t catch much on video - these guys were definitely Rockin’ in the Free World. 

The Grovewood Grill

The Grovewood Grill

After that, a friend told us about an EDM dance party at Stella’s Music Club.  It was sorta on the way home, so what the hell (and it would be the second time at Stella’s in a week!).  The music wasn’t half bad when we arrived, but when it got to what you’ll hear in this video - we left.  :-) 

Stella s Music Club

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