Saturday, March 12, 2011

Laura Stevenson & the Cans (3/8/11)

Laura Stevenson & the Cans hooked me with their alt-folk sound - one of my favorite "genres" of music when done right - as well as her quivering, vulnerable voice.  Throw in a story about her being in a former DIY punk collective and I'm sold.

But even before she took the stage, I was interested in seeing Signals Midwest, who is Max Stern's band (unfortunately I missed Two Hand Fools).  You may remember, I first saw him open up for Drink Up Buttercup. I could see he had a lot of talent as a solo performer, but wanted to see what he could do with a band.  They were a lot of fun, as were the other openers, The Sidekicks.  I get a kick out of seeing solid local acts, and both these bands qualified. Sign me up for their next performance.

Signals Midwest (3/8/11)

The Sidekicks (3/8/11)

Unfortunately, or fortunately, the crowd cleared out a little bit for Laura and band.  She had a kind of meek demeanor on stage, which I wasn't expecting - but then given the intimacy of her songs and performance, it made sense.  And actually made the show.  Not a straight up singer/songwriter performance, there was some great diversity and depth.  Essentially - everything I was hoping for.

Laura Stevenson & Cans (3/8/11)

Laura Stevenson & Cans (3/8/11)

Their new album, Sit Resist will be out on April 26th. More photos here:

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