Saturday, March 5, 2011

Article: Will Lady Gaga End The Music Business? (Again...)

I really like hypebot...  I think they're hitting this nail right on the head.

Will Lady Gaga End The Music Business? (Again...) - hypebot

Lady Gaga isn't holding back, her new record is coming out and she wants everyone to know. With the fastest selling number one in iTunes history, and her new video amping up hits on Vevo, it seems an unstoppable force.

Tracklisting for Lady GaGa s  The Fame Monster


Well to me it stinks of everything that was bad about the old industry and continues that predisposed self-destructive bent. You remember the one that imploded when CD's didn't sell anymore. It's akin to an alcoholic insisting they don't have a problem.

If Gaga doesn't sell or live up to the hype, then the party is gonna crash again, big time.


The majors were used to the big lifestyle, the private jets, lavish luncheons, and bottomless expense accounts. Radio was bought. Tours were bought. TV was bought.

Once you have tasted that, it's hard to give it up. Lady Gaga seems like a relapse. That one final 'epic bender' as Charlie Sheen would describe it. The one that ends in either death, or realization that it's time for a final stint in rehab and to clean up your act one last time.

It is the majors chance to ignore those chest pains and shortness of breath and brush it off as indigestion. Let's forget about the 44,000 sales, which made an independently released album by Cake number #1 and outsell everything else a major had to offer.

Let's forget Mumford and Sons, that throwback acoustic act from the UK on an independent, are pretty much matching the sales of Katy Perry.

Just give us one more line of Gaga to keep us up partying all night."

(Continued... Will Lady Gaga End The Music Business? (Again...) - hypebot)


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