Monday, March 7, 2011

Dan Bern (3/2/11)

I was a little leery about this show.  Dan Bern and I go way back (1997) when I saw him perform in Bowling Green, OH.  I've seen him plenty of times since then, though not much recently.  The last time at the Tavern (2008) was a bust.  This time proved to be different, thankfully.

Dan Bern (3/2/11)

Dan Bern sounded good... though it started out a little dicey with him confronting a chatty "super-fan" at the bar - TWICE (ouch).  I was hoping this wouldn't turn tragic. Moving on, I was a little concerned listening to the likes of "turning over" and wondering if he just wasn't connecting with these old songs anymore - like this might be just "what he does" instead of what he feels.

Note that Dan hasn't had any serious full-album release of material anytime recently, just a couple EP's, live albums and a children's lullaby album. I doubt this is some newfound music distribution alternative.  Was he losing inspiration?

Dan Bern is one person that I want to see inspired.

Dan Bern (3/2/11)

Things were definitely looking up.  I was still feeling a bit skittish about taking photos, as no one else was - and I didn't want to be publicly chided.  Luckily, this night was broken up over 3 sets.  After the first, I just asked he minded and I was given a genuine "do whatever you like."

As the night continued, Dan really stepped it up, singing his signature, humorous story-telling songs.  In fact, Dan went on about how he envisions these stories as movies, then upon realizing they'll be impossible to make, they become songs.  Songs that are an impressive stream of consciousness, filled with biting satire and commentary on society.

Dan Bern (3/2/11)

He continued, making the audience laugh and sing along.  This is what I hoped a Dan Bern show would be.  He even remembered (and apologized) for his last time in Cleveland.  It was nice of him to remember and recognize that.  I'll be happy to see Dan Bern perform again, preferably on an album of new music.

Video for Bye Bye Bye here.

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