Monday, March 28, 2011

Article: The Hidden Challenges of Subscription Music

An article on why subscription music may not be all it's cracked up to be, despite the incessant push by the industry for us to pay monthly fees for our music.  I struggle with this model and would have a real hard time going this route.  The deals may be nice starting out, but once you've moved from owning to renting, then you've lost price control.

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The Hidden Challenges of Subscription Music

As I argued previously, subscription music remains a niche product and in company efforts to appeal to casual music fans, they may grow alienated and be turned away.

Logic tells us that casual fans do not want to use apps that ask too much of them. Yet in lowering the amount of effort that users must exert in order to build collections companies run the risk of taking away the opportunities for personalization and customization that are essential to users forming a lasting connection to their music. In this essay, we are going to expand on this theory and explore why free-trials are too short, what service features are essential to converting free users into subscribers, and the importance of preserving the cognitive benefits of music ownership."

(Continued... The Hidden Challenges of Subscription Music - MTT - Music Think Tank)


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