Monday, March 28, 2011

Free Downloads: Beehive Recording Company

Interesting idea... If you following the link to the video, you'll need to have plenty of time to watch a guy ramble on for way too long -- but he is doing something cool.  I understand the necessity of an all digital distribution vehicle, but not releasing any supporting vinyl is a bummer.



Pay-What-You-Want Music Label Opens In Detroit - hypebot

This Detroit music label is a great example of disruptive thinking. When thinking disruptively, the goal is to flip assumptions on their head. Case in point: Beehive Recording. All the music is free. All the recording and art services are free. Just donate what you can. The new album won't be released in three months; it will be released in three days. Fans create an account on the site and download all the music they want. Just pay what you can. Popularity is measured by downloads, not sales. Founder Stephen Nawara wants to put his city's music on the map and ignite a tribe around the music he loves. So he started a music label, thought disruptively, and flipped industry clichés around. Nawara releases one single a every week, twenty-five singles so far. The site has 600 site members. 3,500 - 4,000 downloads have occured to date. Artists get free distribution, recording, photography, and recognition, among other things. We realize this isn't a new idea, but the interview below is interesting.

(Continued... Pay-What-You-Want Music Label Opens In Detroit - hypebot)

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