Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cellar Door Records: Volume III // Believeland

Missed this show last Friday, but this compilation is still worth checking out...


Volume III//Believeland Cellar Door Records | CoolCleveland Blog

"Volume III//Believeland Cellar Door Records Cellar Door Records has done you a favor compiling a one-album-Cleveland-smorgasbord of music, ridden with some of Cleveland’s best. The sixth release from the local record label, Volume III//Believeland features 13 local acts, ranging from the guitar-picking folk of Tom Evanchuck to the indie pop of The Modern Electric.

Other artists included are those whom Cleveland has come to know well — Joshua Jesty, Keith Vance, Justin Markert and Doug Ivancic. The mellow indie folk of Tinamou and Humble Home rounds out the compilation, bringing honest songs and an organic touch. Female-fronted Diamonds & Pearls adds indie rock to the mix, boasting Zooey Deschanel-esque vocals and a polished sound. Lastly are David Beans and his ambient tunes, as well as an acoustic Rob Geer, Moonshake, E. React, and Bridget Davis. To put it simply, this is a very eclectic compilation, and you will not be disappointed in what Cleveland is doing in music."

(Continued... Volume III//Believeland Cellar Door Records | CoolCleveland Blog)



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