Sunday, January 26, 2014

ODESZA / Emancipator (1/24/14)

While Emancipator Ensemble was technically headlining this show, it was Odesza that put this show on my map.  I did my research and was prepared for a great show by all the bands on this night.  For me, it was also a fun night to have a great group of friends with me.  We basically missed Real Magic opening, as we were having a blast in the bar just checking out and interacting with the interesting attendees to this performance.  I did peel away finally to catch Odesza and they sounded great.  Not quite the full-on dance show I was expecting, but there was definitely a groove to enjoy and dance to. Here’s a clip:


ODESZA (1/24/14)

What surprised me about Emancipator were all the traditional instruments on stage!  These guys also didn’t have any staged vocal microphones - at all.  They did have one handheld for the occasional communique.  But if you’re in the right headspace, they put out a great vibe.  Did I mention this show had hoola hoopers as well??

Emancipator (1/24/14)

Emancipator (1/24/14)

All said & done, there was dancing this night, which is all I was really hoping for.

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