Sunday, January 26, 2014

Man Man (1/23/14)

This was a kind of last minute show… I already had other plans, but have been hearing buzz about this new Man Man album.  I listened and liked!  Had some Modest Mouse elements that I’ve been missing… I also saw a clip of their live show which looked wacky - so it was totally worth popping in on to see what was going on.

Missing the openers, we were greeted with a nearly packed house at the Grog Shop!  Love that we Clevelanders can make it out on a cold, blustery - and quite snowy - Thursday night!  As for the show, these guys have Spirit! …and costumes.  I can really appreciate the variation in beat and structure …and the crazy.  Wish I were a little more cozy with the songs in advance, but I’d still give them a 7 on the DAKS scale.

And of course no pictures came out from my perspective, but this one probably catches the vibe in the room.

Man Man (1/23/14)

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