Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Brite Winter Festival is Coming!

Saturday, February 15th!  I can’t say there are any blockbuster music acts, that I know of now… but definitely some of our best local bands will be showing their stuff.  Read the details below.

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Brite Winter Announces Expanded 2014 Lineup | Cellar Door Cleveland

"From its fledgling beginnings in the Flats to its eventual move to Ohio City, Brite Winter Festival has spent the last five years continually expanding. This year the festival of lights and sounds ambitiously boasts more than 70 artists scattered throughout four outdoor stages and six indoor stages.

In what will be the festival’s third year taking over the West 25th strip, the most significant change in scenery is the shift to the main stage hosted at Market Avenue / Market Square Park, a move that pulls it from the tucked away area behind the Old Angle and places the festival activities front and center. But Brite still commands the flipping of unconventional spaces and local businesses into venues, this time bringing Ohio City newcomer TownHall into the picture."

(Continued... Brite Winter Announces Expanded 2014 Lineup | Cellar Door Cleveland)

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