Thursday, January 23, 2014

Mikaela Davis (1/18/14)

Finally - my first show of 2014.  I scoured to find this show by Mikaela Davis, who I found mostly because any young woman touring with a full-size harp would catch my attention.  I liked what I heard, but the real draw for me was our own local Leah Lou & the Two Left Shoes - who blew me away the last time I saw them opening up for Laura Stevenson in May.  But first… Leah Marra opened the show.  A strong voice and some serious talent.  All she needs is a little more comfort and conversation on stage… 

Leah Marra (1/18/14)

For Leah Lou & the Two Left Shows, I was so excited for that performance, and was so busy capturing some video, I totally forgot to take pics.  Unfortunately the video didn’t come out all too well, which is a shame because they pulled off a killer Michael Jackson cover.  :-/

Mikaela finished the night… For me, following Leah was a hard act to follow.  She & her band were good.  The harp was nice.  More than anything, it was just great to be back at a show.

Mikaela Davis (1/18/14)

Mikaela Davis (1/18/14)

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