Wednesday, October 30, 2013

New Amy Ray Country Album!

I have so much respect for Amy Ray as a musician and an activist… I’m thrilled with this:

Indigo Girls' Amy Ray cuts country album

"Goodnight Tender, out Jan. 28 on Daemon Records, is the result of 10 years of writing songs separate from her work with her folk duo with Emily Saliers, or her other solo recordings, which lean toward a highly politicized style of rock and punk. With its 11 originals and one cover, Goodnight Tender draws on roots ranging from Hank Williams and George Jones to the Carter Family and the Stanley Brothers, with a little Southern rock and Americana mixed in for good measure.

Ray says the material differs from her other work at a fundamental level of storytelling and subject matter.

'I've lived in a rural area for about 20 years now, and it has definitely affected my writing a lot, because I'm around a lot of bluegrass musicians all the time,' she says. 'On this record, I really tried to make it storytelling, and not gender-specific or sexuality-specific. When I do my rock and punk solo stuff, it's very driven by a politicized, rebellious idea about gender fluidity, sexuality and human rights. It's an arena, for me, that's very strident.

'Country music is such a populist music. Sometimes you just want it to be the story you're going to tell the guy sitting next to you at the diner who is a member of the NRA and voted a straight-ticket Republican, and you're this left-wing, queer, aging dyke, and you have this thing in common. I love that! That's where I live.'"

(Continued... Indigo Girls' Amy Ray cuts country album)

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