Friday, October 25, 2013

Lovers (10/18/13)

That first night with Ezra was great, so there was a high bar for the Lovers show on this next night…  And just like last time I saw them, this show was about as equally challenging to find details on.  This night was at the brilobox, in a trendy neighborhood of Pittsburgh, and was part of a queer dance party night called Operation Sappho. The Lovers were added on to perform.

I knew the night was off to a great start with the pre-party DJ - who was phenomenal.  Lovers took the stage and what a treat to actually hear them on a professional stage!  I'm already familiar with their new album, and know just about all the other stuff - so song after song was just delicious.  It ended all too soon for my taste, but the DJ's continued on what ended up being an epic dance night at the brillobox.

Lovers (10/18/13)

All in all, I hope to make it back to their Operation Sappho party again!

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