Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Aimee Mann (10/14/13)

Oh Aimee… I love me an Aimee Mann record as much as the next person.  Her announcement of a show at the Kent Stage was pretty exciting!  I'd never seen her before, and being the venerable indie rock goddess that she is - this show was a no-brainer.  Opening was the seemingly mis-matched Ted Leo.

By the time we got to the venue, we saw the two of them on stage for the last song of his opening set, which seemed dialed down (from what I know of Ted Leo).  Aimee then took the stage with two others, but other than her SHORT leather shorts, the evening was rather uneventful.  Actually… it was just boring.  There was definitely excitement from the crowned for her being on stage - but maybe I just see too many shows to settle for performance mediocrity - so we even left early.

She did seem to be spending a LOT of time on stage with Ted Leo (despite having her own band) - who was really the bright spot of her performance.  I think those two are doing it.

Aimee Mann (10/14/13)

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