Friday, October 25, 2013

New Release: Lorine Chia - Naked Truths EP

So this sin’t coming out until Tuesday - but you can hear the album via the link below - AND see her tonight at The Foundry (Hi-Fi) in Lakewood!  Show some hometown love for a great local artist.


Lorine Chia - Naked Truths EP (Review x Stream) | I'm From Cleveland

"‘Its been a pretty exciting past 11 months for Lorine Chia as the Cleveland, Ohio songstress has seen her work receive praise from Billboard, Pigeons and Planes and Complex. Lorine’s biggest moment in the spotlight probably came when she was rumored to be featured on the Kanye West song ‘Blood on the Leaves’ during a Yeezus listening party this summer. Chia continues to impress with her Naked Truths EP which will be released on 10/15. The 14 track EP features her recently released hits Fly High, House on the Hill and Eve’s Perspective. In addition to the original material, Chia’s breathtaking cover of Billie Holiday’s ‘Strange Fruit’ is on the EP as well as a fresh, unique remix of on Drake’s summer hit single ‘No New Friends’. Lorine also displays her versatility as an artist by taking on some hard rap verses, and by adding a reggae twist on tracks like‘Da Fire’. Overall, Lorine put out a product that will leave listeners craving to hear more from this talented artist as her journey only seems to be just beginning. Check out the EP here, and purchase it on iTunes on 10/29.’"

(Continued... Lorine Chia - Naked Truths EP (Review x Stream) | I'm From Cleveland)

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