Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lovers 6/13/11)

This is the show I have been anxiously waiting for, and one that almost didn't happen.  Originally (and oddly) scheduled for Wilberts, the Lovers show ended up getting canceled.  Luckily, it was rescheduled (last-minute) at the 71st Door.  What *is* the 71st Door you ask?  Good question.  I had the same one, and could find nothing about it online - except one randome FaceBook check-in location.  Showing up, it ended up just being a house at the corner of E.71st & Chester.  Let's just say I'm glad I came prepared with a 6-pack.

71st Door (6/13/11)

After walking in, I was instantly greeted with the band.  I was very excited to meet them and introduce myself, as we had already had some communication via FaceBook.  Charming as I would have expected.  As we're sitting around and waiting for the openers to arrive, I discover that this house actually has a history as a long-time Cleveland house concert destination, and has been under different names.  One of them sounded slightly familiar so I Googled it.  To my surprise, one of my own blog post came up on top - wtf??  Here, I had been asking about this place back in 2009.  Weird.

71st Door (6/13/11)

Anyway, after getting to lounge around this person's living room with the band, Lovers took the "stage".  While the sound for this house concert wasn't great, I'd trade that off for this kind of intimacy in a heartbeat.  They played mostly from their new album Dark Light, as this album is the first with this line-up.  Fine with me, because every song on that album is spectacular.  It might even be my top album of 2010.

Lovers (6/13/11)

I really wanted to record as many songs as possible.  Unfortunately, the lighting was such that barely any visuals are clear.  I debated if I would even put them up on my YouTube channel - but being that I had to compromise rocking out to get these videos, I thought I'd post them anyway.  Here's one, but you can see/listen to the rest here (5 total).

So a completely amazing experience.  While I guess future events at the 71st Door are being put somewhere on FaceBook, you can at least get a list of upcoming shows from the kitchen:

71st Door (6/13/11)

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  1. Every time I find myself at a show In a grungy setting like this, I'm first uncomfortable, but then start to enjoy myself more because of the lack of polish and production. Ii gives me some kind of push I need right now. Loved the show....*and I give my little no regrets hand sign.