Sunday, October 7, 2012

Tomorrow: Tilly & the Wall @ Grog Shop

 So tomorrow night will be a double-header.  Had gotten tickets to see the venerable Neil Young over at CSU, then found out that Tilly & the Wall have a new album and will be at the Grog Shop.  A dilemma, but will try to catch both.  But if you're not already doing something - you should totally check out Tilly & the Wall.  Video and details below.

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First Watch: Tilly And The Wall, 'Defenders' : All Songs Considered Blog : NPR

"Once based in Omaha, Tilly and the Wall's members have since scattered to the four winds: They live in different cities, and their busy lives led to a lengthy hiatus following the 2008 release of O. Still, even after a long absence, the band's music embodies unity, togetherness and empowerment.

Known for employing a tap dancer in lieu of a drummer, the group crafts sunnily clattering dance parties with a bawdy edge and a flair for affirmation. The first single from the band's forthcoming, inaccurately titled Heavy Mood, 'Defenders' revolves around a characteristically raging chorus — 'We're not afraid to live / No, we're not afraid to die' — and persistent reminders to rail against bullies and naysayers. ('No matter what they take, remember who you are.')"

(Continued... First Watch: Tilly And The Wall, 'Defenders' : All Songs Considered Blog : NPR)

Tilly & The Wall Lighten the 'Heavy Mood' on First Album in Four Years | Billboard

"'Heavy Mood' is an all-encompassing title for the four-year period since Tilly & The Wall's last album, 'O.' After the Omaha indie-poppers experience their biggest success to date from 2008 to 2009 -- playing record crowds with a headlining tour, scoring major synchs with single 'Pot Kettle Black' (the films 'Whip It!' and 'Observe And Report' as well as the pilot episode of the CW's '90210') and even an appearance on 'Sesame Street' -- the band took a break to start families, pursue side projects and, in the case of lead singer Kianna Alarid, some serious soul searching.  

The resulting musical reunion is a 10-track collection helmed by producer Mike Mogis (Bright Eyes, Rilo Kiley, The Faint) that adds layers to the dance-punk direction of 'O' on the stomping 'Love Riot' and the party-starting title track, with nods to their tap dance-driven roots on 'Static Expressions' ('We cannot stay this way forever') with passionate anthems to friends and relationships ('All Kinds of Guns,' 'Thicker Than Thieves') and a pair of anthemic calls to arms for the next generation ('Youth,' 'Defenders.')"

(Continued... Tilly & The Wall Lighten the 'Heavy Mood' on First Album in Four Years | Billboard)

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