Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ani DiFranco (9/29/12)

I didn't make much noise about this show before it happened, mostly because anything after the show at her home venue in Buffalo, NY is a let down.  Not really, but you know… I've seen Ani plenty, and besides, this was a sold-out show.  This also got me thinking, when was the last time she played Cleveland??  Eh, who cares, I think Kent is the place for her anyway.

Opening was Katie Herzig.  After a great performance at Missy Higgins, I was really excited to see her again.  This time she was played a much more stripped down and acoustic set.  Both ways, I found her warm and charming.  I might even be smitten.

Unfortunately, photography also wasn't an option.   I did sneak this *terrible* iPhone shot, and grabbed some bad video - but I was excited to see what my new iPhone 5 could do. We were too far away for any good visual, but the audio on the videos is pretty good actually! 

Ani DiFranco (9/29/`12)

I didn't mean to catch only the old-school favorites, but I only bothered recording at the end.  Catch the other one over on my YouTube channel.  Both Hands was probably my first favorite song by Ani.


  1. How about a review of the show?

  2. Do you by any chance have the set list for this concert?