Saturday, October 27, 2012

Marta Pacek (10/22/12)

This was one of most beautiful Fall evenings in recent memory.  I couldn't think of any better want to spend it than listening to live music at The Barking Spider Tavern.  I rounded up some friends and we hit the Marta Pacek show…  All investigations pointed to her being a perfect match for this location/weather.  It looked like I wasn't the only one who thought so, because there were people there than I was expecting.  As we all sat and watched, the gorgeous weather pouring through the open doors behind me, eventually drew me to the outside picnic table.  One by one we discreetly slipped out and had an amazing time.

Marta Pacek (10/22/12)

Marta?  Well, she was OK.  Her voice (at least on this night) wasn't quite worth full attention in a small venue, but it did compliment a gorgeous Fall evening outside the Barking Spider Tavern with great friends.  Probably what was meant to happen anyway.

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