Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Friends (10/7/12)

Since finding out about Friends headlining show at the Beachland Tavern, I've been spending a lot of time with their (first and only) album, Manifest!  It's really pretty amazing, with each song able to stand alone as worthy and enjoyable.  They have this sort of gritty, 60's, Pop vibe, but with the air of Edward Sharpe meets MEN.  Great stuff.  But first…   Me opened.  I feel like I've seen these guys before (and liked them) but won't even bother doing any searching for them (Me? Seriously?).  But maybe that's part of their ethos.  Either way - I like their rock/blues sound and would definitely see them again.  

Me (10/7/12)

Next was The Very Knees.  A bonus for this night, since watching their electric performance opening for Oberhofer.  Once again their dance/rock/rap sound was thoroughly enjoyable (below is my camera's interpretation of them in low light conditions).

The Very Knees (10/7/12)

Finally Friends took the stage, to which a friend commented that they looked like gypsy hipsters.  Please take that as a term of endearment, because I did.  These guys were  a lot of fun.  I often don't hold bands to the quality of their records, but my only complain about this show was that the vocals could have been a lot louder.  But their presence was joyful and so was their music.

Friends (10/7/12)

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